What started in 1990 at the centre of the Mediterranean (MALTA) as a privately owned medium-sized Logistics & Supply Chain activity, has now developed into a global contract manufacturing, design & engineering company with an in-house logistics/supply chain department in China.

In Ningbo we have European managed subcontractors with warehousing facilities throughout the Mediterranean & Europe.

Our Basic role in China is to play a major part in specific areas of the industry. Just about any complex product, one might care to mention, is made up predominantly of components contributed my multiple subcontractors. One of the big challenges for subcontractors, besides the cultural conflicts, is to ensure that they are seamlessly integrated into the production and supply chains of their industrial customers.. For ChinaInvest & Partners Ltd this remains a focal point! With our high degree of specialization and high degree of flexibility, we may be the quintessence of your integrated industry.


  • Product Development
  • Engineering, Design and Manufacturing
  • Tooling/Moulds
  • Special materials requiring 100% traceability and process control.
  • Assembly of mechanical products, and non-critical assemblies where quality is a priority to our customer.
  • Longstanding Agreements with trusthworthy reliable subcontractors.