After approval of the First Article samples and pilot production, ChinaInvest becomes your manufacturing operations  in China, management of the personnel, planning of the Supply Chain, Quality and legal issues.

All production planning is coordinated through ChinaInvest. All purchase orders are submitted to China through a secure system and orders and delivery dates are confirmed by suppliers within 24 hours.

ChinaInvest subcontracts fulltime employees in order to Support production and making effective communication to customers possible, the following functions are available:

A database for all documents.

Track drawings and revisions.
Track all purchase orders and shipping details.

Supplier Management

ChinaInvest understands very well that without professional logistic planning, supply chains and delivery times cannot be managed and optimized. We realize that resolving logistical issues is a key component of any successful manufacturing project. We also know that a concern for customers is that these issues will be compounded when manufacturing in China.


With established worldwide partners in sea-air- and express freight, we can package, ship and deliver your products anywhere, on time.

Direct Shipments

If required, ChinaInvest can also make sure that your goods shipped from China can be delivered directly to your end users’ warehouse, reducing costs and lead times whilst ensuring condifentiality of your actual supplier in China.

Quality factory assessment & improvement

Potential component suppliers are selected only after passing a strict quality assurance and quality control audit.

The selection of a qualified factory involves a comprehensive understanding of doing business in China.

At ChinaInvest, our professionals will pay special attention to the process of selecting factories by assessing factory’s competence based on numerous parameters some of which are not immediately apparent.

If the components supplier meets our criteria as a potential preferred supplier, he will undergo extensive training in our systems and methods and be required to implement our procedures. ChinaInvest will evaluate to what extent he will need assistance. After improvements have been implemented the supplier is then re-audited to ensure compliance, at which time if approval is given, first article are undertaken.