Knowledge is increasingly being recognised as a vital organisational resource that gives market leverage and competitive advantage.

Our point of departure is to acknowledge the fact that Human Knowledge is able to know more than what can be shared, therefore, we emphsise and ‘Invest Time’ on the art of communication. Throughout our working process in China, we learned how to respect, value and comprehend the cultural perception when it comes to “Knowledge Transfer” to China. For ChinaInvest “Knowledge Transfer” is crucial in the process of “Technology Transfer”.

The concepts of guanxi 关系 and mianzi 面子 are fundamentally important in understanding the Chinese commercial interactions. Although, these concepts are generally analyzed at a personal level, however, they are extended to relationships between firms and with governmental entities.

Along with our International Partners we are adamant to take into account these key concepts as we firmly believe that a ‘shared mindset’ can only be secured when mutual understanding is established, ‘trust’ lies at the heart of “Knowledge Transfer”. This has to be achieved by long-term engagement with key players.